New edition Drenthe Startup: "A strong stage with 130,000 viewers on RTL-Z & Videoland"
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New edition Drenthe Startup: "A strong stage with 130,000 viewers on RTL-Z & Videoland"

The Drenthe Startup of the Year in "corona time" is a stage that startups crave, as it is one of the few opportunities to showcase themselves to a larger audience. This year, the startup competition stage is growing once again. The competition for Drenthe startups will be broadcast for the first time on RTL-Z and Videoland.

This follows the YBA (Young Business Award), the contest for the top national scale-ups whose entire competition is broadcast in five TV episodes through those channels. The 'Drenthe Startup' of the Year involves one TV episode and Drenthe companies with ages between zero and eight present themselves to a jury consisting of (startup) experts, entrepreneurs and investors. The final of the competition will be broadcast on Sunday, June 19 at 5 p.m. on RTL-Z and can be seen one day later on Videoland. The jury will designate the company with the most potential as the winner during the final episode based on a series of weighing points. The winner will be crowned the "Drenthe Startup of the Year 2022.

'Insanely strong reach'

Niels Palmers, along with Roy Rocks and Thomas Nauw, organizer of both competitions, reckons Drentse Startup will reach some 130,000 viewers. ,,That is an insanely strong reach for Drentse Startup. It's a sign that we are making successes every year. We started small and if you see this now, it's a great success for Drenthe entrepreneurship.''

Especially now, in times of Corona, initiatives like the "Drenthe Startup 2022" are more relevant than ever. These kinds of venues bring entrepreneurs into contact with parties that can help him or her move forward. They are also springboards to new customers, talents and investors. Palmers: ,,It is also a stage through which startups can take the next step in scaling up (growing) their business. In the process, entrepreneurs also learn to showcase themselves more powerfully.''

Reaching for potential

Drenthe startups can again register for the upcoming edition of Drentse Startup. Palmers is eagerly looking forward to the potential. ''We have had strong winners,'' he believes, ''but of course we do depend on the supply from the province of Drenthe. I'm very curious to see what wonderful young companies will pass the revue at the upcoming edition. It's a nice surprise every year''.

New edition Drenthe Startup: "A strong stage with 130,000 viewers on RTL-Z & Videoland"

Impressive history

Drenthe Startup can now boast an impressive history, however short that history may be. Last year, CuRe Technology from Emmen won, a party that now counts Coca-Cola among its investors. CuRe is capable of recycling all types of plastic, regardless of additives such as color and other materials.

Two other winners are BMTec and Arvick. The first (laser cutting) is going like a rocket and owner Bakschik Martorosian has even already started a new startup (Tauron, platform where manufacturing industry and marketing/sales are brought together), the second went bankrupt last year. Palmers: ,,Such a bankruptcy is sad for those involved, but statistically it is a normal that half of startups do not survive.''

Niels Palmers "as a Drent" is very proud of the developments of Drenthe Startup. ,,We now have a serious stage on which startups can get off the ground. This offers Drenthe startups access to a national infrastructure and with RTL-Z & Videoland also with a serious reach. ''

Register as a participant

The 'Drentse Startup' competition of year kicked off this week. ''This means that Drenthe Startups can sign up as a participant of the startup competition from this moment on,'' said Roy Rocks (co-organizer Drentse Startup). Signing up as a participant of the Drentse Startup of the Year 2022 is free and can be done until February 14, 2022 through the website. "After that, a group of experts will meet to select the three finalists, Rocks continued. The three finalists will pitch during the final episode on Sunday, June 19 at 5 p.m. on television to become the winner of the Drenthe Startup of the Year.

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