Last lot sold to Google
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Last lot sold to Google

With the signing of the contract, the last available lot at the Hoogebrug Winschoten business park has been sold. The buyer of the lot is Google.

Puller for more entrepreneurship in Oldambt

The municipality is pleased with Google's purchase. Alderman Erich Wünker: "That an international company chooses Oldambt is good for economic development. The company can be a trigger for other companies to do business here. And that can be a nice impulse for the employment and livability of Oldambt.

Sustainable developments

NOM guided Google through the extensive inventory of potentially suitable locations. Based on the company's specifications, coupled with the knowledge available within NOM's acquisition team, a choice was made for the Hoogebrug in Winschoten. NOM has established the contact between the municipality, province and Google and also remains involved in possible further developments. At this time, it is not yet known if and when the lot will actually be set up. "Digital storage and digital development have taken off even faster because of corona. Just look at the developments of working from home and online learning, this is going to remain largely even after corona. And for this we need companies that facilitate and develop this," Wünker said. Google is a company that constantly strives for sustainable solutions in its operations and in and for its environment. Recently, in cooperation with North Water and Waterbedrijf Groningen, they opened a sustainable water supply that now allows them to use industrial water in Eemshaven for cooling the servers. The next step they will explore is how to use wastewater for this purpose.

High demand for lots

With Google's signing, the lots are up. Marjan Rijks, planning economist at the municipality of Oldambt: "Many entrepreneurs see an attractive business climate in Oldambt. Unfortunately, I now have to sell no, because there are no new available plots in business parks at the moment. We already have a waiting list for future buyers. We are investigating the possibilities of expanding the current business parks and/or using new ones. We hope to be able to provide more entrepreneurs with a lot within still a fairly short period of time.'

Spatial-economic perspective

Erich Wünker: "We are working together with the municipalities of Central Groningen, Veendam and the province of Groningen on a vision to stimulate economic development and employment in our region. This involves the area from the city of Groningen in an easterly direction, with nuclei such as Hoogezand, Veendam, Zuidbroek and Winschoten, to the German border. The starting point is to think in terms of possibilities. We look at the strength and quality of the region. The municipalities of Oldambt, Midden-Groningen, Veendam and the province of Groningen together make choices in what developments we want to allow in the future to make the region stronger. These include stimulating economic developments and employment. This involves new and current activities, developments and initiatives. And about creating smart combinations together when it comes to issues such as climate, energy, quality of life, agriculture, nature, sustainability and recreation and tourism.

That Google chooses the Northern Netherlands in an international playing field of possible locations indicates that they see and utilize the strength and opportunities in the Northern Netherlands. We therefore congratulate the municipality of Oldambt on this land sale. Such a decision shows that the TopDutch region offers plenty of opportunities.

Wubbo Everts Project Manager NOM

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