Investor Readiness Program Flinc - Robert Oltmans of Medvrix: "You can't question your market often enough"

Virtual Reality: great name recognition, but not yet very widespread adoption. Certainly not in healthcare. While the technology that allows people to imagine themselves in a different, virtual world by putting on a pair of glasses is so suitable for enriching the patient experience, for example. Here and there experiments are already taking place, but if it is up to Daniel Brinckmann and Robert Oltmans, the application of VR in healthcare will soon become commonplace. With Medvrix, they are making virtual reality content easily and affordably available to healthcare professionals.

To get their start-up ready for an investment round, Oltmans decided to participate in Flinc's Investor Readiness Program. This program gives entrepreneurs the chance, under the guidance of Flinc experts, to optimize their business for investors in a structured program and in a short period of time. So far, an educational but also intensive experience. "The contact with fellow entrepreneurs works very well. We learn from each other; after all, everyone brings different baggage of knowledge and experience. But also the fact that you get assignments and have to complete them in a short time is an excellent stick." Thus, the entrepreneurs were sent out to validate the idea behind their innovative concept in the market. Going through the process of market validation one more time certainly did provide new insights. "We were able to validate our assumptions and thus sharpen them. Taking one's own assumptions as true is a tendency that entrepreneurs have a hard time suppressing. The same was true for us. But there is nothing more valuable than picking up that phone and calling potential clients anyway. No consultant can beat that. Start-ups need to get to the front lines: that's where it happens. Get out there and survey the market." For Oltmans, this process worked doubly successfully: "In fact, everyone was so excited that they asked if I didn't want to stop by for more information. So we just get sales out of this, in the end.

By the end of the program, Oltmans hopes that more contacts will have been made with interested investors. Preferably a partner who is in it with more than money: "An investor is ultimately also a sparring partner and, if all goes well, an opening to a valuable network. These are all essential to really take an innovative product to market. We have run successful pilots and a list of interested customers. We are ready to go."