Groningen Investment Fund participates in Berk Partners Growth Fund
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Groningen Investment Fund participates in Berk Partners Growth Fund

With the establishment of Berk Partners Growth Fund on Friday, April 6, 2018, Investment Fund Groningen (IFG) has added another great fund to its growing fund portfolio. We would like to tell you more about our latest acquisition.

Fund Management

BPGF is operated by Berk Capital Management. The responsible equity partners and also fund managers are:

The team has multidisciplinary and complementary competencies. Berk Capital Management has a long track record of profitably managing funds, including the earlier Berk (and Pon) funds. A knowledgeable Advisory Board serves as a sounding board. Learn more about the team.

Target groups

All Berk Partner funds have historically focused primarily on Dutch SMEs engaged in the development and production of tangible products. With BPGF, management is now focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on the sectors:

  • Innovative manufacturing industry
  • Food Industry
  • Suppliers to healthcare

BPGF is an active shareholder. This means that in some cases new management is therefore actively sought for the acquisition in question,


and that majority stakes in companies are also taken. By adding hands-on involvement, BPGF is able to add much value to its holdings.

Acquisitions are sought in companies where the potential exists to double sales and earnings within 4 to 5 years. Through MBO, MBI, Growth Capital, Pre-Exits and Carve-outs, an excellent financial return for the shareholders of BPGF is sought. This means that the companies invested in already have a degree of maturity within them. The focus is on companies with sales ranging from €5 million to approximately €20 million.

Fund Equity

Fund assets currently stand at over €23 million, more than expected in a first round. The fund is open to new entrants until the end of 2018 and the roadshow will be continued due to great interest. The goal is to have realized a fund size of € 40 million to € 50 million after final closing.

Groningen Investment Fund and Berk Partners Growth Fund

Why does IFG invest in BPGF? The construction of our fund portfolio is based on spreading opportunities, achieving social and financial returns and achieving continuity. In that sense, BPGF adds a lot and provides a nice balance. Because:

  • BPGF is active in sectors where IFG did not yet operate.
  • BPGF focuses on different corporate life stages than IFG's other funds.
  • BPGF occupies a complementary place in the funding landscape in the province of Groningen.
  • There are opportunities, also given the experience of BPGF's management team to achieve great financial and social results.

BPGF is active throughout the Netherlands. Through IFG's participation, BPGF's network will be made accessible to the province of Groningen. This further increases the opportunities for growth and returns for its SMEs.

Would you like more information about Berk Partners Growth Fund? Then contact Willem Kamps, fund manager and equity partner at (06) 55 85 41 78.