GroBusiness: the central contact point for all questions of Groningen entrepreneurs
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GroBusiness: the central contact point for all questions of Groningen entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the province of Groningen can now turn to one central and independent contact point for all their entrepreneurial questions: GroBusiness. The specialists at GroBusiness have knowledge of specific entrepreneurial themes and know the possibilities and institutions in the field of funding and support in the city and the surrounding area. Also, if entrepreneurs want to spar about an issue, they can contact them. All conversations from GroBusiness are free of charge for the entrepreneurs. GroBusiness aims to connect all initiatives for entrepreneurs in Groningen and show entrepreneurs the way to opportunities for their business.

The Province of Groningen and Economic Board Groningen are initiators of GroBusiness and have hastened its launch. This is due to the great need for support during the corona crisis. Economic Board Groningen will implement GroBusiness for the next 5 years and will receive funding from the Province of Groningen and National Program Groningen. GroBusiness will indirectly contribute to more jobs, more business activity and a more attractive business climate and thus a viable and vital province of Groningen.

For all questions from Groningen entrepreneurs

GroBusiness is there for all entrepreneurs of City and Ommeland, helping them to innovate, improve and make their business activities more sustainable so that they can grow. GroBusiness also provides appropriate advice to companies that are struggling, such as during the current corona crisis. All Groningen entrepreneurs with a question about funding, corona schemes, digitalization or sustainability, among other things, can contact us.

Always an answer

Each GroBusiness specialist focuses on a topic, speaks the language of the entrepreneur and knows all about the relevant schemes and instruments. GroBusiness specialists know the way to guide, coach and advise entrepreneurs and know funding opportunities in the region. There is always a follow-up from GroBusiness to ensure that the entrepreneur has been helped with his or her issue.

Linking business organizations City and Ommeland

GroBusiness offers entrepreneurs independent expertise, knowledge of relevant financial schemes and an entrepreneurial network covering City and Ommeland. Entrepreneurs can contact us by phone or email. In addition, GroBusiness specialists contact entrepreneurs themselves to identify questions and needs. GroBusiness also organizes (online) meetings on current and relevant topics for Groningen entrepreneurs. GroBusiness specialists will collaborate with relevant organizations in the region, such as NOM, SNN and entrepreneurial networks. Establishing connections and building lasting relationships with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations is key.