Knowledge and inspiration session with Pieter Schoen
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Flinc knowledge and inspiration session with Pieter Schoen

On May 20, Flinc is hosting a knowledge and inspiration session for investors with Pieter Schoen. This session will take place online from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Pieter Schoen is a serial entrepreneur and known, among other things, from the TV show Dragons Den. Pieter co-founded Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij, which was sold in 2018 to Nuts Group and Private Equity House Waterland. That gave Pieter the opportunity to do what he enjoys most: making companies great. So twelve years ago, in 2009, he and some college friends founded an investment fund focused on startups. Since then, they have helped twelve companies. But Pieter also wanted to help companies that are a little further along in their development. So he started a new company, Shoe Investments, where he helps so-called scale-ups with investments of between 2 and 10 million euros.

Knowledge and inspiration session with Pieter Schoen

Photo: Annemieke van der Togt

Shoe Investments invests directly in high-growth and scalable companies by investing up to approximately 10 million Euros. Shoe Investments is a hands-on investor that adds value through its knowledge of e-commerce, both B2B and B2C, sales, marketing, finance & control. Besides direct investments, Shoe Investments also invests in funds (global private equity, venture capital, real estate, etc.). Currently, Shoe Investments has approximately thirty holdings, direct and indirect.

During this knowledge and inspiration session, Bjorn Redmeijer (Project Manager Flinc) will talk to Pieter Schoen about his experiences as an entrepreneur and how he started as an investor. We will also talk about: what selection criteria Pieter uses and how he fulfills his role as an investor. Pieter will also discuss: deal flow generation, red flags, valuations and managing his portfolio. Finally, many practical examples will be discussed: mistakes, successes and anecdotes that will stay with you for a long time.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register for this session. Keep an eye on Flinc's website or social media channels for more interesting knowledge and inspiration sessions!