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By bus to the Hannover Messe

On Wednesday, April 19, 2023, NOM is organizing its 7th bus trip to Hannover Messe, the world's largest technological industry trade fair. One of the passengers is Jan Bos, director of JB Besturingstechniek from Oosterwolde. 'Whether it is robotics, AI or machine learning; always again I am pleasantly surprised in Hannover.'

The Hannover Messe 2023 is successful in advance for Jan Bos, he says. That has everything to do with the bus trip organized by NOM. 'So I speak to many people from the network before, during and after the fair anyway. For me an important aspect of such an event. If I also get a clear picture of where the high-tech sector is heading, that's great. I know from experience that that chance is pretty high. The Hannover Messe has never disappointed me.'

JB Control Technology

Jan is director of JB Besturingstechniek, an industrial automation company, also called a system integrator, with a focus on controls for special machines. Or more precisely, the company from Oosterwolde, Friesland, designs, draws, builds and installs control panels for production machines, process plants, assembly machines and robotic systems, among others. 'To get the maximum return from a machine or process, we use the latest techniques,' he explains. 'Think of analyzing and unlocking data, deploying Augmented Reality, writing software for robotics and cloud applications, and developing efficiency measurement and identification systems.'

Smart Factories

Indeed, basically JB Besturingstechniek offers solutions for so-called Smart Factories. For companies that are taking big steps in the digitization of their products and processes. That is why Jan did not have a moment of doubt when he heard via NPAL, where JB Besturingstechniek is part of the cluster Solution Providers, about the TopDutch bus trip to the Hannover Messe. 'I have since been there several times, also, as I said, to get a complete impression of the latest technological trends and developments,' he says enthusiastically. 'Whether it is robotics, AI or machine learning; time and again I am pleasantly surprised in Hannover. Simply because most of the innovations shown are not yet available on the market. Afterwards, I often know exactly what is to come and how we as a company can respond even better to current and future customer demands.'


No, he does not prepare for the fair. Rather, he goes there uninhibited. So this time he deliberately took the bus. Because of maintaining the existing network and gaining new valuable contacts, of course. But also because immediately upon arrival, he and his fellow passengers are welcomed at the TopDutch booth, the place where the northern high-tech sector presents itself. 'Everything points to it being a well-organized day,' Jan looks ahead. 'It has to be, because it is virtually impossible to see the entire fair in one day. Not for nothing has a four-hour tour been devised, led by smart industry specialists Anno Cazemier and Wilbert van de Eijnde. That makes it just a little easier and clearer.'

Highly skilled specialists

"Industrial Transformation - Making the difference," is the motto of the Hannover Messe 2023. A motto that has actually applied to JB Control Technology since its founding in 1993. The company started at a time when PLCs in particular were booming. PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller, or Programmable Logic Control. 'We immediately embraced this technology to automate, monitor and control machines and processes at the time,' Jan emphasizes. 'Since then, we have continued to develop in the field of industrial automation. The company has therefore grown considerably over the years. We now have about 40 employees, mostly highly trained specialists. Not surprising now that hardware is increasingly being replaced by flexible and intelligent software solutions.'

Only a few spots still available

Only a few seats are still available on the bus, so sign up quickly. You can do so through this page.