Simplicate lives up to ambitions with controlled growth
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Simplicate lives up to ambitions with controlled growth

All-in-one software, that's Simplicate's product. Specially designed for business service providers who work on a project basis, such as accountants, consultants and creative agencies. The software combines CRM, sales, project management, timekeeping and HRM, so that all steps fit together. "The possibilities in this day and age are great, but so are the pitfalls, especially if you bet too fast, too high or too broad," says the business duo behind Simplicate. "We dare to make choices. Because with focus you can accelerate without choking the engine."

Simplicate stands for simple and smart software. "Because of the power of simplicity, it caught on immediately," says Peter Hager. Together with his business partner Gerard Loode, he is using the company's growth momentum to strengthen the basics first. "The bar is set high. We go for quality in everything: from our product to marketing and sales. And we have experimented with target groups and price. When you know what type of customers your product is best suited for, you build a satisfied network."

Good match
So it's about long-term vision, plus putting the customer first. "Indeed, we want to make entrepreneurs happy with user-friendly software. Simplicate's system gives easy control of the complete core process, from the first contact with the customer to the invoice. The companies we work with fit our product. It's a trade-off that helps us continue to develop so that we can really serve customers well. If we don't see a match, we sometimes say no. For example, if a customer has a type of service or process that does not match our software."

Simplicate lives up to ambitions with controlled growth

Learning entrepreneurs
"Being critical with what you take on is only possible without great pressure for growth," Hager continues. "The ambitions are big, but in order to live up to them, we want to grow precisely as controlled and restrained as possible. We were able to create that space partly thanks to NOM's growth funding. We came to NOM quickly, we already had a contact there and they are a household name in this region. We did want to stand on our own two feet financially as soon as possible and we have succeeded in doing so. We have outgrown the startup phase, although there is still plenty to learn on the way to maturity. Gerard and I are constantly discussing our approach, inspired by external sparring partners, conferences and relevant blogs."

We also dare to say no if a customer does not suit us

Sober and critical
Building a strong team, now just under thirty people, is also a focus for Simplicate. "Employees are given the freedom and confidence to do flight hours, but we do business together, based on shared core values and commitment to the customers. We are therefore looking for people who work from a drive to keep improving as a team. We find this high standard in the northern mentality, a bit of down-to-earthness and critical thinking, something that is particularly noticeable with customers in the Randstad. To be close to the customers of our software there as well, we have opened a satellite office in Amsterdam in addition to our headquarters in Groningen."