The risks of growth to your business
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The risks of growth to your business

Growth is good. Growth must grow. Especially during a period of economic growth: after all, standing still is going backwards. But irresponsible business growth can also kill your company. Therefore, our motto is: grow, but in moderation. And very important: keep your head.

Success gives you confidence. Your business is running well and opportunities abound. Your business shows great growth rates and the outlook is bright. Delicious. But be aware of what you can handle in terms of time, focus and risk. What might you be up against? By being aware of the pitfalls, you keep a grip on the risks of business growth.

Growth expectations are not being met in practice

Risks are part of being an entrepreneur and, therefore, of achieving business growth, you might think. After all, you know you have to feed before you can fish. Based on your growth expectations, you expand, with new colleagues, new workspace, more inventory, et cetera. But what if you can't meet your growth expectations? How flexible are you then and how long can you continue to finance this? Can you still make adjustments to avoid losses? And perhaps more importantly, when should you draw the conclusion that your plans were too ambitious? Timely recognition that reality develops differently than expected, and being able to adjust accordingly, is crucial. So make sure you build enough flexibility into your business to be able to change your course.

Blinded by growth: don't forget what you've already accomplished

Entering new markets and bringing in new customers is, of course, very nice. But take advantage of the opportunities that are appropriate. And at the same time, don't forget to continue serving your existing customers and markets as well. So distribute your capacity well and don't just focus on your growth. Also take a critical look at yourself and your team: do you have the right people for your organization's current challenges? Attracting specialist knowledge for growth markets, or hiring a good manager to mind the store when you are pursuing new opportunities, can be a smart choice to preserve and build on what you already have.

Insufficient focus on innovation and development

Suppose your product catches on and everyone wants it. You have to pull out all the stops to meet demand. What is your next step? After all, your competitors are not sitting still and market demand will also continue to develop. So it is important not to limit yourself to your current products, no matter how successful they are now. Keep innovating and developing and think carefully about the next step(s). Success, unfortunately, is fleeting.

NOM thinks with you about your business growth

Growth and organizational development involve many other challenges. Dealing with these properly results in success. Identifying the risks is relatively simple, the trick is to respond to them in the right way. A first step is to think about these risks and opportunities and to talk about them, within your team, with a fellow entrepreneur or with an external professional. From NOM we like to think along with entrepreneurs in the area of strategy and growth. In addition, we have the possibility to finance entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands, in order to help them realize their growth plans.

Whitepaper Impact of Investors
The impact of investors on your business

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What you have to deal with when you start working with investors
  • Differences and similarities between bank funding, subordinated loan and equity capital
  • In what ways NOM as an investor can help you

    Please note that this whitepaper is only available in Dutch at the moment. We are in the process of translating this whitepaper.