Daniel Bies 'Holiday Stress'

Daniel Bies 'Holiday Stress'

My first job was in construction. As a field sales representative, I visited contractors, housing associations, architects and all kinds of other parties who needed building materials. Several times a year, the whole industry seemed to panic. Around Christmas and at the beginning of the year, when the new prices were "distributed. But also around the summer vacations. In early June, the panic often began. "Can you still deliver on time? The construction has to be completed before the building holiday". Then the last two weeks were often complete panic.

There were also always people who said, "Noa the vakansie binn'n er gien doagen meer surely?". They had a point. Actually, every year after the vacations there were days again. And construction and everything related to it went on merrily. Until it was almost Christmas and the game started again.

Rounding gives peace of mind

Later, in another role with companies, I began to understand more and more the various comments. Of course there came days after vacations. But it still gave quite a lot of peace when projects were completed. And completed also meant that the invoice could be sent. That's great when you have to buy materials after the vacations. Completed projects also provide peace of mind in terms of communication. Less questions from clients, less distraction, less small issues that still need to be resolved and that actually take more time than they make money. But they are necessary.

Clear communication

Not all businesses depend on or are affected by summer vacations, of course. If you have an IT or telephony company, for example, and deal primarily with subscriptions, your cash flow is much more regular. The same goes for a company that supplies gas or is in the food business. Still, the vacation season affects those as well. For example, because there is less staff and tasks have to be taken over. Good coordination and clear communication is required.

New energy

But whatever company you work at, the vacation season is an important time. Of course to unwind and take a break. But also to undertake other things. To visit new countries, meet new people or to go to that beautiful campsite from last year. During a speech at a funeral, it suddenly struck me: when it comes to memories, it's never about daddy's or mommy's work. No, it's about vacations with the people you love. Memories of camping or that beautiful city. Spending time together and paying attention to each other.

Therefore, enjoy the vacation season. Recharge the battery, get inspired and be kind to each other. So that afterwards, with new energy and a photo book full of memories, you can get back to your work enthusiastically.