Corona rebuild program

Corona rebuild program

Together with other entrepreneurs, you go through five online master classes spread over eight weeks. You will learn from each other's experiences and inspire each other to take action. 25 companies have already successfully completed the program.

This is what you can expect from the program:

  • Understanding which parts of your business model still work and which parts you need to part with;
  • Understanding the revenue potential of existing and new customers;
  • Understanding the issues at different levels with your clients;
  • You discover opportunities for new business;
  • You take action and adjust your business model;
  • You book measurable results in your cash flow.

Master classes

The Corona Rebuild Program consists of five master classes spread over an eight-week period. You also complete practical assignments in preparation for and at the conclusion of each module.

The program requires a major commitment from you as an entrepreneur. You should also expect that same commitment from us.

The master classes are spread over five half-day sessions. The program consists of:

  1. Introduction and Need: Get to know each other and gain insight into which parts of your business model still work and which parts are a thing of the past.
  2. Existing and New Customers: Gain insight into the revenue potential of your existing customers and learn skills to find look-a-like customers for new business
  3. DMU and Market Potential: Gain insight into your customers' issues at different levels and discover opportunities for increasing your sales.
  4. Minimal solutions and maximum results: Get insight and take action to build a solution with minimal resources that your customers are willing to pay for.
  5. Financial Impact and Closure: Gain insight into the impact of your renewed business model on your company's cash flow and needed funding.

Practical assignments

The program is a combination of theory and practice. In preparation and completion of the master classes, you will carry out practical assignments to validate your renewed business model in the marketplace.

Practical information

  • The Corona Rebuild Program is designed for business owners with declining sales due to the corona crisis.
  • A new edition starts every Wednesday.
  • The program takes place digitally through Microsoft Teams.

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