The Northern Netherlands is home to a broad spectrum of talent, from established professionals to fresh graduates and everybody in-between. So if you want to recruit locally, you’ll have no trouble finding suitable people.

The mix of experience and youth which already exists in our area makes for a vibrant, all-inclusive society, which is a welcoming environment for any personnel you choose to relocate from elsewhere.


With 14 universities, 34 universities of professional education and a variety of specialized training facilities, the Netherlands occupies a top-10 worldwide position when it comes to education systems.

Much of this high quality education takes place right here in the Northern Netherlands, at renowned establishments such as the University of Groningen and the Hanze and NHL Stenden universities of applied sciences. This high level and diversity of education also attracts many international students.

Well-educated people of every age are therefore in plentiful supply, already within the Northern Netherlands and from throughout the country.

Technically skilled

The Northern Netherlands is home to 60,000 IT-skilled people over a wide age-range, 35% of whom have over 10 years’ working experience in this field. Nearly 100,000 of our residents have technical competences, with over than half of them having more than 10 years of experience working in a technical job.


Because Dutch is not widely spoken internationally, Dutch children start learning different languages in school from a very young age. 90% of Dutch people are fluent in English and many also speak German, French, Spanish or another language.

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