As a country that’s highly conscious of environmental matters, the Netherlands offers excellent solutions for businesses for whom sustainability is important.

Famous for having more bikes than people, we have a long-established culture of fuel-free travel. Our continual quest to stimulate renewable energy innovation and offer sustainable solutions means we also lead the way in efforts to achieve emission-free mass transport. There is a commitment to providing 100% emissions-free busses by 2025 and removing all gas and diesel vehicles from the road by 2030.

Reliable (Green) Energy supply

The Northern Netherlands has an ample and highly reliable supply of energy, which includes a considerable amount generated from sustainable sources such as wind, solar, hydro and biomass.

We are home to the largest wind park on Dutch soil and the landing point for North Sea wind, Norwegian hydro and the worldwide submarine high-voltage network. Several large power plants and high and medium voltage electricity stations guarantee energy at all times.

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