The Northern Netherlands offers a very good quality of life to those who live and work here. A factor which is especially important when relocating personnel. In fact the Northern Netherlands city of Groningen continuously ranks among the world’s top cities for quality of living!

Being less crowded than the western part of the Netherlands, we have less traffic, cleaner air, lower living costs and less day-to-day pressure. At the same time, our region contains a great mix of dynamic cities and peaceful countryside, with a full breadth of quality amenities perfectly complemented with vibrant natural environments.

Cost of living

Lower property prices in the Northern Netherlands, compared to other parts of the country, mean base expenditure is lower so people here enjoy a higher ratio of disposable income. And because the region offers plenty of recreational activities and good shopping facilities, they get to make the most of it!

Leisure, entertainment and sport

The Northern Netherlands is equipped with many restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums and other recreational facilities. We also host numerous world-class music and arts festivals around the year. As in the rest of the country, a wide range of English language TV shows and movies are shown with their original soundtracks. We never dub into Dutch, we just add Dutch subtitles.

In addition to providing our inhabitants with a broad range of indoor and outdoor fitness and sporting facilities, our region has a healthy competitive spirit which sees our individuals and teams compete with the nation’s best. We are also proud to host world-famous events such as the Assen TT motorcycle races.

Work-life balance

The Netherlands has always had a healthy attitude to work-life balance, with good respect for the fact that quality down-time is an important contributor to better productivity. Our country’s inherently open-minded culture, cosmopolitan cities and stable economy make it a welcoming and comfortable place to live and work.


All residents in the Netherlands have access to excellent healthcare via the Dutch healthcare insurance system.

Convenient transport

Excellent road and rail infrastructure makes it easy to travel between the Northern Netherlands and the rest of our country, neighboring European countries and the rest of the world via several international airports.

English language education

The Northern Netherlands is home to the International School Groningen, which provides government-subsidized English language education for pupils aged from 11 to 19. Most university education is taught in English, with a broad range of courses offered at renowned establishments such as the University of Groningen and the Hanze and NHL Stenden universities of applied sciences.

International attitude

With 50% of the country’s GDP being derived internationally, the presence of foreigners in the Netherlands is generally viewed as positive. This is particularly true of the Northern Netherlands city of Groningen, where 71% of people agreeing with this statement put it in the top 5 in European cities according to research commissioned by the European Commission.

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