The Northern Netherlands benefits from our country’s can-do mentality, pro-business attitude and high GDP per capita, coupled with our region’s lower property and labor costs. Good collaboration between government, educational institutes and business supports a common aim of encouraging innovation.

Tax competitiveness

With competitive corporate tax rates, a wide tax treaty network and a number of attractive incentive programs, including special provisions for highly skilled imported workers, the Netherlands was ranked 5th in the 2018 International Tax Competitiveness Index.

At 25% (and 20% on the first €200,000), the Netherlands has one of Europe’s most competitive statutory corporate income tax rates. Certainty in assessments relating to future tax positions also helps multinational companies to thrive here.

Tax provisions for relocated employees

The Netherlands assists companies who need to bring employees in from other countries through a number of tax provisions. These include a sizeable limited-time tax break and tax-free ability to reimburse international school fees, relocation expenses and moving allowances.

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