Transcom Nederland

International call center

Transcom Nederland contacted NOM because the business climate in Amsterdam did not meet the company’s expectations. The labor potential was   inadequate and Transcom needed approximately 500 new members of staff.

Why the Northern Netherlands?

  • The wide availability of staff
  • Work ethics
  • Lower rent
  • Lower salaries

How the NOM assisted Transcom

  • Based on an estimate of the availability of staff in Groningen, NOM was able to  guarantee Transcom that the requirement regarding new memebers of staff could be  met.
  • A recruitment campaign was started in collaboration with organizations such as the  Employment Policy Office. This campaign received an overwhelming response.
  • Transcom then decided to move to North Netherlands permanently.
  • After a survey of the regional property market, a number of locations were suggested.  Transcom chose Zernike Science Park, a business park situated in the city of  Groningen.

In October 2000 Transcom rented a building with 2600 m². The company continued to develop rapidly. NOM advised Transom to look beyond Groningen in order to achieve its further growth ambitions, a well as to spread the risks and find suitable staff. In 2007, Transcom relocated to new premises in Emmen. Since then, Transcom’s services portfolio has expanded considerably with services such as its Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO). Transcom and Northern Netherlands have clearly found one other.