Company NutraVit

Products The development, production and sale of specific nutraceuticals that improve vitality and/or health

NutraVit was looking for a financial partner as well as a suitable experimentation environment for the further development and marketing of the   zero calories food ingredient, an ingredient that has no calories and which can   be added to certain food products.

Why the Northern Netherlands?

  • Subsidy options
  • Many fields relevant to food fibers in the Northern Netherlands.

The role of the NOM

  • The business concept for NutraVit was discussed in detail with NOM.
  • The zero calories food ingredient was in line with current market developments.  Moreover, director Rien Vervoort, a nutritionist and food physiologist, had already  brought similar products onto the market successfully.
  • Based on NutraVit’s plan, NOM identified a number of possible locations.

NutraVit is currently established in Veendam. The choice of location has turned out to be the right one. NutraVit’s plans are developing faster than expected. At the moment, the company is just about to take the next step in up scaling its plans, in terms of both its size and turnover. It is also investigating how the financing opportunities offered by NOM might contribute to this.