Mark Jansen, Communications & Public Affairs Manager Google Benelux

“The NOM has helped us tremendously in the process during the past years and we are looking forward to settling permanently in the Eemshaven.”

Google is the company behind the world’s most popular search engine and a large number of Internet applications. Google’s headquarters, founded by Larry Page Sergey Brin, is located in Mountain View California. Google is a listed company and one of the largest global players in ICT and Internet.

Information, email, and other services via the Internet.

Google: advice on location and realization of a data center for the European market.

How the NOM helped
Together with Groningen Seaports, Groningen Province, municipalities and educational institutions (RUG and the Hanzehogeschool), the NOM coordinated and advised in the acquisition and establishment trajectory. Google’s representatives and the regional parties have been in close contact during the past three years. The process was kept strictly confidential, while supplying Google with an abundance of adequate information. The involvement of nature and environmental organizations during the establishment process ensured that the zoning plan for Eemshaven Zuidoost could be completed without any objections. During the establishment process, connections with Eemshaven Zuidoost’s unique selling points were always sought: the direct link to the transatlantic data cable that moors in the Eemshaven, guaranteed energy provision thanks to the nearby power plants, and the close proximity to the ICT city of Groningen with its highly-educated population.

The NOM also played a role in the establishment of the ten-year Power Purchase Agreement between Google and power company, Eneco. In the years to come, Google will operate entirely on the energy produced by the Eneco Windpark Delfzijl Noord.

In late 2014, Google began construction of a data center at a site in the Eemshaven that was completely prepared and equipped for the establishment of data centers. An investment of approximately 600 million euros will provide 1,000 jobs during the construction phase. The Google data center employs approximately 150 people on a permanent basis. The establishment of this first data center in Eemshaven Zuidoost puts the Eemshaven on the map as an Energy & Dataport, increasing interest from other Internet companies for this site.