Kisuma Chemicals BV (KCBV)

Production, marketing and sale of magnesium compounds based on magnesium chloride.

At the end of the 1990s, Kyowa decided to branch out either into Europe or   the US. Veendam was chosen and this choice of location proved to be the   right one. The production capacity increased considerably over the years in   order to meet growing market demand. Finance then became necessary in   order to expand further. For this reason KCBV approached the NOM.

Why Veendam in the Northern Netherlands?

  • The presence of magnesium-enriched salt layers in the direct vicinity.
  • The rapport and the mutual trust between the directors of Kisuma and Nedmag, a  supplier of magnesium salts from Veendam.How the NOM assisted Kisuma
  • NOM only participates in promising companies and in economic activities which will   be profitable in the future. The first step was therefore to determine the requirements  and prospects of KCBV.
  • NOM’s examination of KCBV painted a very favorable picture for the future, based on  the environmentally friendly solutions offered by the company for a variety of  applications in the plastics industry. For example, heat stabilization of PVC, as an  alternative for lead compound solutions. In this growing market, KCBV has reliable  customers and various long-term contracts.

Financing was granted and the new production line at KCBV was recently commissioned.