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Energy in the Northern Netherlands

TopDutch is energy. Located on Europe’s largest natural gas reserve, the TopDutch region is the main energy provider for the Netherlands and large parts of Western Europe. Today, the main focus of TopDutch is realizing the opportunity presented by the combination of green electricity and natural gas available. We are determined to be the Green Hydrogen Capital of Europe, making the transition from gray, via blue, to green hydrogen production, distribution and utilization. Here, we power a sustainable future.

Our offer

  1. Natural gas legacy & switch to green gases
  2. Reliable power grid & offshore wind
  3. Energy Transition Capital of Europe
  4. Hydrogen Capital of Europe
  5. Unique triple helix collaboration
  6. Access to talent & skilled labor

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Our process

1. Get in touch

Through our TopDutch contact page, by email or direct to your dedicated industry project manager, get in touch to start the conversation.

2. Receive industry bidbook

Once you’ve confirmed you are interested in more information about investment in the region, we’ll be happy to send our industry specific bidbook to you.

3. Alignment meeting

We’ll schedule a meeting with your team and our regional dedicated project team to identify your needs and align objectives.

4. Receive company-specific bidbook

Now we understand your objectives, we’ll provide you with a bidbook tailored to your company’s needs.

5. Fact-finding trip

We’ll schedule a fact-finding trip in our region for your team to introduce you to relevant useful contacts in both the private and public sector and organize visits for site locations.

6. Investor roundtable

For investments requiring partnerships and co-investment, we’ll organize an investor roundtable with relevant key decision-makers.

7. Kick-start business development

Once you’ve confirmed you’ve reached a decision to invest in our region, we’ll kickstart your business development process so you’ll fully benefit from our fast procedures.

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