The food transition

The food transition

Do you have an innovative idea and/or a challenge and do you want to take the next step? Are you a startup or SME in the north of the Netherlands! And would you like to spar with NOM about your idea and explore the next steps together?

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Your knowledge, drive and your product are needed to accelerate the food transition

Everyone agrees that something has to happen in the Agri&Food chain and we call this the Food Transition. How are we going to organize our food system differently and thus do justice to healthy soil, healthy people, healthy environment and healthy business model. The Northern Netherlands plays an important role in this, because we can show the entire chain with all its facets: Northern Netherlands is the experimental environment, or Healthier World Pilot Region.

Your knowledge, drive and your product are needed to accelerate the food transition! NOM connects you to that place in the chain where you can accelerate. NOM facilitates you in your development!

Do you have an innovative idea to accelerate the transition?

Does your idea or challenge fall within the Food Transition: the chain from the healthy soil to the healthy human being and of course all facets that play a role in this. It concerns the entire Agri&Food chain, including Horticulture and Starting Materials. Do you have an innovative idea to accelerate the transition? Or are you looking for a solution to solve your problem/challenge?

We approach the Food Transition from the reverse chain. What does the consumer need to become and remain healthier, enabling us to determine which proteins, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients can be grown, processed and handled. This will also have to be done in such a way that maximum integral value creation is realized with regard to Best Ecological Means, health, residual value, social integration and a feasible business model.

Words that characterize the food transition

Food Transition

What do you need tomorrow to take the next step?

Together with Riegiena Eefsting or Joep de Vries we explore your idea or challenge and the key question is: what do you need tomorrow to take the next step?

In addition to our own knowledge, discovering the question behind the question and our network, we collaborate with a number of programs. Our role in these programs is to connect SMEs to the programs below, and we are also a part of the programs:

  • Fascinating
    From consumer to soil to ingredient! The four cooperatives Avebe, Cosun, Friesland Campina and Agrifirm have an innovation program aimed at making a relevant contribution to shifting the consumption ratio of vegetable/animal protein from 40/60 to 60/40. The cooperatives are doing this by innovating and investing throughout the chain. In the program you can set up projects together with the cooperatives or together with another SME. There are 4 program lines namely:
    - Healthy and balanced nutrition
    - Sustainable production of nutritional crops
    - Energy efficient and sustainable processing
    - Utilization of residual streams
  • AI Hub North Netherlands Agriculture and Food
    Data is a prerequisite to accelerate the Food Transition. Data is needed throughout the chain to understand what you are doing and by comparing to understand how it can be done better, also it can increase transparency in the chain. The starting point is that the core data are owned by the one who produces; for example, the consumer with health data and the agricultural entrepreneur as the owner of land and tools. The AI hub Agriculture and Food focuses on Agri Dashboard & Data Sharing, Agri Autonomous and Food Short Chains.
  • AgroAgenda Northern Netherlands
    With the AgroAgenda Noord-Nederland we join hands to strengthen the agro-success of the North and to perpetuate our relationship with society. We focus on sustainability through innovation for a better world and greater competitiveness. The AgroAgenda North Netherlands is a collaborative platform of parties in the agro chain (buying, supplying and service), primary agriculture, governments, land managers and environmental federations and knowledge institutions. Together, they set the direction for the future of agriculture in 2018. This so-called Quality Image "Top Food from a Rich Landscape" describes in eight qualities the goals for 2030.
  • Business Innovation Program Food
    As a startup or company you are busy developing your impactful product or service both technologically and in the market. The biggest risks you face are in the market or Market Validation. Market validation is essential for consistent growth of your business! Our program trains you to engage in Market Validation and we guide you through the process.
  • TKI Agri&Food Innovation broker
    The Top Sector Agri&Food innovation broker - Mark Kats - can help a startup or SME (free of charge) to further understand your technological issue and advise on solution directions and possible subsidies. M: (06) 22 52 27 76.

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