Looking for investors to grow your business with circular entrepreneurship?

Looking for investors to grow your business with circular entrepreneurship?

Are you the entrepreneur who has stepped out of linear thinking and have you worked hard on your circular business/earnings model? And is finding an investor the only thing still holding you back? Or are you already successful in circular business, but are looking for an investor to grow further?

If your proposition is so solid, then perhaps you can present it to investors in our network. If it needs some fine-tuning, then the abbreviated Investor Readiness Program (IRP) can help you prepare for the interview with investors.

Contact Alex Berhitu or Anouk Hummel to explore what we can do for you.

The abbreviated NOM IRP

What will you do?

In 7-8 weeks, you will be prepared for interviews with investors. This includes honing your business case and perfecting your growth strategy. You will also learn about the possible sources of funding you will encounter in this phase and we will connect you to potential investors. After 7 weeks, you will have a refined proposal with which you can convince investors. This is how you take the next step in the growth of your company.

What to expect

  • One-on-one coaching in which we coach you on elements of your business plan.
  • Topics covered include: revenue model, strategy, market validation, scale-up, product, marketing and funding strategy.
  • We support you with the financial foundation of your business plan.
  • After 8 weeks there is an investor-ready business plan and concrete funding application, and you will come to the table with an investor well prepared.

The benefits for you

Participating in the Investor Readiness Program has a number of great benefits. For one, you'll work with experts on a solid funding application, significantly increasing your chances of success. By learning to think like a financier, you'll know exactly what makes them happy. Finally, you gain access to the network of impact investors.

Practical information

To participate in the abbreviated program, you have a well thought-out business plan, a concrete funding request and you are located in the Groningen-Friesland-Drenthe region.

Learn more

For more information contact Alex Berhitu (berhitu@nom.nl) or Anouk Hummel (hummel@nom.nl )

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