Water Alliance

Within the Water Alliance, government, knowledge institutions and industry work together on innovative and sustainable water technology. The Water Alliance is a network organization that brings together all the key players in the field of water technology.

Linking supply and demand internationally creates special collaborations. All this happens at the Water Campus in Leeuwarden. The NOM is actively promoting business development within the Water Alliance. This should lead to more commercial projects and employment in the Northern Netherlands.


The Water Alliance kicked off about nine years ago. What began with a handful of regional companies is now a nationwide cluster of over a hundred companies. NOM helps companies within the Water Alliance execute their plans. And supports the innovation ecosystem that has now emerged in and around Leeuwarden. An ecosystem in which there is not only room for new technological or scientific developments, but where facilities come together to help companies scale up these developments to commercial products/applications. Facilities of NOM: Business Development, Acquisition and Funding, are also part of this ecosystem.


One of NOM's goals is to stimulate employment in the three northern provinces. That is also why NOM focuses on business development within the Water Alliance. More business is often also more employment. And not only in the companies from water technology. Often the technology is used by industry in their production processes. Improvements in industrial production processes lead to a better competitive position and indirectly also to (continued) employment.


The Water Alliance's playing field extends ever further. Alex Berhitu of NOM travels all over the world to talk about new innovation techniques. And vice versa, Leeuwarden increasingly welcomes water technology experts from other countries. The Netherlands occupies a competitive position worldwide and Alex Berhitu is convinced that the joint ambition of the water cluster to double the number of jobs in the region will be achieved.

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