The Region of Smart Factories

The Factory of the Future. This is what forty companies from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe are developing. The focus of this project is on the products and production processes. These are intelligent, connected and customized.

The goal of this collaboration extends beyond a factory: a Region of Smart Factories is being developed that includes education and research.

Northern hotspot

The Region of Smart Factories is an initiative of Hans Praat of the NOM. And NOM is also ultimately responsible. The project was developed within a small team. In particular, Fokker and Philips played a major role in it. The forty collaborating companies, the community, is very close. All in all, this is bearing fruit. The three northern provinces, Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe, are increasingly recognized as hot spots for smart factories.

Imagery or construction?

A factory of the future sounds fantastic! But will it actually be built or is it metaphor for innovative products and equally innovative production methods? Both! Most subprojects are about making existing factories smart. A few are about developing new processes. And within one spinoff, Technologies Added, an entirely new smart factory is being built.

Future Vision

In particular, the future vision of the Region of Smart Factories is to move through the transition to Industry 4.0. That means helping SMEs to develop technology for smart factories and manufacturing companies to accelerate the transition to Smart Factory. Want to be part of the Region? You can! At first the network was closed, but now it is being expanded into an open community. More and more companies are joining. The mission: on to at least a hundred companies!

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