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Helping foreign employees feel at home
Because international organizations often need to bring employees in from other countries, the Northern Netherlands is well equipped with services to ease the effort of relocation.

The International Welcome Center North (IWCN) supports both employers’ and employees’ needs concerning migrant workers, speeding up the settling-in process through assistance with all kinds of legal, practical and social matters.

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Legal formalities
Applications for national residence permits (for non EU/EEA Citizens) and municipal registration (required by all) can be processed faster and more efficiently via the IWCN than directly with the relevant government departments. This service is available to highly skilled employees of companies based in one of the three Northern Netherlands provinces (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe) that are registered with the IND as recognized sponsors. Companies can also arrange sponsor registration via the IWCN.

Practical knowledge
The IWCN is happy to provide everyone living in the region with referrals to reliable service providers and details on all kinds of practical matters, from opening bank accounts and signing up for health insurance to importing cars and pets. They can also advise on where to obtain various professional services in English or other languages.

Social activities
Settling in socially within a new environment is important for employee motivation. The IWCN organizes events and activities that help people start building the social and/or business networks that help them (and their families) feel at home, with one of the IWCN founders, Stichting Connect International.

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