Ready for the next step with your business

Ready for the next step with your business?

A successful entrepreneur is always focused on opportunities and growth. Are you an (innovative) SME and would you like to develop your business further? Or are you running into challenges because your company is growing and the world around you is changing rapidly? Would you like to know how the major social issues affect your business?

NOM helps companies to grow sustainably. Growth starts with entrepreneurs, which is why we offer entrepreneurs in the Northern Netherlands a webinar in which Daniël Bies and André Harmens explain what NOM can do to further develop companies.

Business Development

NOM means a lot to SMEs in the northern Netherlands. We are involved as a shareholder and/or financier in more than 70 companies. We also build, together with companies, government and knowledge institutions, ecosystems such as Industrie 4.0, the energy and food transition. The result: business cases that lead to growth and strengthening of the economy in the Northern Netherlands. We also support companies on an individual level with all kinds of business issues. We act as a sounding board and sparring partner for the entrepreneur. We think along about business plans, partnerships, innovations, team composition and funding.  

As your business grows, chances are you will spend more and more time on day-to-day operations and work that doesn't suit you as well. Growing an organization brings many challenges, and you can't always share everything with your employees or supporters. NOM listens, helps and advises and puts you in touch with the right parties.  

Focus NOM

NOM's objective is to strengthen the economy of the Northern Netherlands. We focus on companies that contribute to this by wanting to grow, being innovative and adding value to the Northern Netherlands. Our focus is on:  

  • Sustainability 
  • Work smarter 
  • Health 

NOM answers questions such as "How can I connect to the Energy Transition?" or "I hear a lot about smarter working and Industry 4.0 but what does that mean for me?". We build ecosystems, have good connections with knowledge institutions and also know our way around government.  

Access to Capital 

The financial feasibility of your growth and development plans is always a challenge. NOM supports you in developing your business plans and finding the right financiers.  

By the end of the webinar, you will know

  • What questions you can turn to NOM for and what all NOM can help you with; 
  • In which markets and segments NOM is particularly active. 

The webinar

Growth starts with you and NOM helps you do just that. Discover the key spearheads to grow and get inspired to new business opportunities. You can watch the webinar back below.