Wytze Rijke 2021 02

Wytze Rijke

Managing Director TCNN (secondment).

Not born, but raised in the Northern Netherlands. And I like it! I live with my family in Groningen and have been with NOM for many years.

Even before I started working at NOM I was always involved with innovation in SMEs. And: always useful to have such a technical background because I want to understand what the business community needs. That interests me: where are the innovative challenges, what is technically feasible and what is the market eager for so that SMEs can earn a few pennies in the years to come! The more concrete the better!

For several years I have been seconded from NOM to TechnologieCentrum Noord-Nederland (TCNN). At TCNN we go a little further in facilitating SMEs in realizing new innovative products. Not that we sit in the entrepreneur's chair but a little extra push and pull in the entire process of project management in order to unburden SMEs and achieve concrete results we see as our mission.

Besides family and work, I also have a few hobbies: I like to sail and climb. Sailing mainly in Europe anyway, although the Pacific Ocean is also very good to me. And climbing mountains all over the world. It has to be mountains that you can still ski down a bit with good decency. These may not be everyday hobbies, but going off the beaten track, looking for new things, pushing through here and there in spite of setbacks are things that also occur regularly in everyday work. And when in doubt: just do it!