Martijn Bouwman

Martijn Bouwman

Business Developer (Circular Plastics)

Circular Economy

Europe has developed policies to be more autonomous and stronger in the world. The Netherlands is working hard to strengthen resources and innovations.

A transition to new business & revenue models is needed. Strongly driven by innovation. Sustainable business. For social and economic value in the northern region.

This requires a high degree of cooperation by governments, educational institutions and entrepreneurs. NOM is an ideal partner to start or accelerate this transition. NOM helps organizations to grow sustainably. Key concepts here are:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Collaborate
  • Provide funding.

My strength lies in the range of connecting and working from multidisciplinary teams. My interests in new things. I encounter all this in my role as Business Developer at NOM.

Do you play a role or want to get involved in the transition to a sustainable (and circular) healthier and smarter economy for the Northern Netherlands? Then get in touch to explore the possibilities.


I am a born northerner, live in the head of Drenthe and have a young family. In my spare time I am still active on the soccer field in a 35+ league and enjoy playing golf when the weather is nice and I have the opportunity. With young children growing up, club life is growing again. That means I get to act as a game warden on the soccer field with JO9 on a regular basis.