Nom Jan24 008

Let's change the nature of chemistry!

When I was still working for the port authority Groningen Seaports, I stood at the cradle of Chemport Europe together with NOM.
Our ambition is to make the chemical sector in the northern Netherlands more sustainable and less dependent on fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

Chemistry has always been a common thread in my life. Inspired by my high school chemistry teacher, I decided to study organic chemistry in Groningen, the Netherlands.
After working as a research chemist for seven years, I broadened my horizons at a consulting firm.
There I had the opportunity to work, among other things, on environmental permit applications and EIA procedures for chemical companies.
I then worked at Groningen Seaports for more than 11 years, where I built a bridge between politics and business in order to strengthen the chemical sector in the northern Netherlands.

In addition to my background in organic chemistry, I also studied technical business administration and earned my MBA.
My curiosity about economic business cases in relation to chemistry led to my move to NOM, where I work as investment manager to realize entrepreneurial plans with a specific focus on cleantech.

I do not shy away from challenges, as a sporting challenge in recent years I have participated in the Drenthe 200, a 200 km mountain bike tour through Drenthe during the Christmas vacations.
One half of the year you can regularly find me on the road bike and the other half of the year on the MTB. Then it really is a wealth to be allowed to live in the Northern Netherlands!