Baudouin Hulst

Baudouin Hulst

Investment Manager NOM

I was born in Drenthe, but have been learning, working and living in Groningen city since I was 18. A true northerner in other words. During my bachelor's and master's I was mainly involved in high-tech and fin-tech entrepreneurship. After graduation I worked for 5 years as an investment manager and fund developer for private investment funds. During that time, I was a shareholder and director of my own company for 3 years, where I made an exit myself at the end of 2023. Since January 2023 I have been working as an investment manager at NOM.

In my opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable than investing in, and thinking along with, companies with growth ambitions. The passion and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs is contagious. As investment manager at NOM, I am busy every day researching, negotiating and working out new investments and assisting the companies in our portfolio with advice, knowledge and NOM's network.

I live with my partner and our two cats in Meerstad where I enjoy indulging in my hobbies such as swimming, sailing and cycling.

Are you yourself an entrepreneur in the (deep)tech or maritime sector? Then be sure to contact me. There is always room for a cup of coffee.