Complete satisfaction with start-up of A-Ware cheese factory

Complete satisfaction with start-up of A-Ware cheese factoryThe start-up of cheese production operations in the huge new A-Ware factory in Heerenveen has gone as smoothly as could be hoped. The factory’s first production line was recently started up, and the second line is due to be operational in March. According to the management of the state-of-the-art cheese factory, everything has gone according to plan.

The very latest technologies are used at A-Ware’s factories. A large amount of the work is done by robots, unmanned forklift trucks are used and the production is largely coordinated and controlled from computer terminals. This makes it possible to switch production between no fewer than eighty different recipes.

Despite these technological innovations A-Ware claims that it still holds on to the craftsmanship of the cheese maker. For example, the cheeses are given plenty of time to mature on wooden planks and no preservatives are used.

Sustainability is also taken seriously. The plan is to ensure that all of the energy is generated sustainably. For that purpose the whole roof is being covered with solar panels, and geothermal energy will be used.

Once the Frisian factory is fully up and running it will be possible to produce a 100 million kilos of cheese a year. That makes it the Netherlands’ third-biggest cheese factory, behind the FrieslandCampina and DOC Kaas factories, in Workum and Hoogeveen respectively. But it is possible that the production levels in Heerenveen will be increased. There is plenty of space for that at the site, say the management.

Source: Leeuwarder Courant

Source photo: NL Agency