Revolutionizing water treatment; Ferr-Tech goes for it

Many industrial companies cannot do without proper wastewater treatment. Preferably, they purify in a green and efficient way. They use many harmful chemicals for wastewater treatment. Ferrate (VI) has been known for decades as a green chemical and the world's strongest oxidant for wastewater treatment. But unfortunately, it was impossible to produce it in a sustainable and stable way. That is now fortunately a thing of the past, thanks to Meppel-based Ferr-Tech. In fact, one of the company's co-founders developed an innovative and revolutionary method.

Water treatment in a green way

This co-founder spent years researching how to produce Ferrate (VI) in a sustainable and stable manner. And finally found the right formula. His discovery resulted in the development of FerSol, which is Ferrate (VI) in liquid form. With FerSol, you can clean (industrial) wastewater in a green way. Ferrate (VI) unfortunately has an extremely short shelf life. Ferr-Tech made the oxidant longer shelf life and stable. A real innovation: they are the only company that succeeded in this. This allows them to offer their product FerSol economically to the market. This could revolutionize the field of water treatment. And water treatment is an important topic, because a lot of wastewater is discharged untreated worldwide. In addition, there are still countries where there is an (extreme) shortage of clean water.

Support to grow

For which companies is FerSol a godsend? Think of industrial companies in different sectors; such as agrifood, dairy, metal and oil & gas. Of course, this required a substantial investment. They financed the first things themselves: renting premises, setting up the water lab and the first production line. After that, additional working capital was needed. And to grow, the story about FerSol needed to be told well, as this is really new to the world. The financial support from MKB Fonds Drenthe and guidance from Flinc give the entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow.

Drenthe startup with international ambitions

Ferr-Tech is now moving full speed ahead. Its ambitions for 2022 are sky-high. With its innovative product, Ferr-Tech is already attracting national and international attention. Co-owner Judith le Fèvre already went to the U.S. with several colleagues to present the company at the CES. CES is the largest technology fair in the world, which the Consumer Technology Association organizes every year in Las Vegas. Here, Judith and her colleagues spoke extensively with media and other interested parties. Ferr-Tech also won the CES 2022 Innovation Award there in the 'Sustainability, EcoDesign & Smart Energy' category for its revolutionary, biodegradable FerSol. The American jury called it "extraordinary and groundbreaking. The CES Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious awards you can receive in the tech world. So a nice reward for hard work. And an extra impulse to start the revolution in water purification.

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