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Make no mistake: a fun Festival can also be useful

Finally, it was about time, too. A festival that benefits yourself - and that doesn't blow a hole in your bank account. In fact, the opposite is quite possible, read on at your leisure. Perhaps the most beautiful one-day festival of all - and no one has to queue for the toilets. After all the crazy summer festivals where you could dance and drink endlessly, mind at zero, let's get down to business: the Startup Festival of the Northern Netherlands 2023. Thursday, September 14 in Groningen.

And 'the Northern Netherlands' says it all, our region's ambition is high. Collaboration between ecosystem parties strengthens the quality and quantity of startups. And that is what we are going to work on this festival. The NOM, Founded in Groningen, Founded in Friesland, the Province of Drenthe, Investment Fund Groningen and Cottonwood Technology Fund have put together a valuable program. Within 1 day you will learn the ins and outs about the world of startups and scale-ups. In the morning 'from idea to feasible business concept' and in the afternoon we immerse you in the matter of the growth phase from startup to scale-up.

The morning program is designed for young entrepreneurial talent in the Northern Netherlands: early stage startups, and all students with an entrepreneurial ambition. A day that can radically change your future as an entrepreneur. Inspiring, extremely educational, fun and surprising, thanks to a series of handy, useful workshops led by leading experts. You will walk out of the door with a solid foundation for later, the basic skills of entrepreneurship in your pocket.

And that's just talking about the morning program . . . .
In the afternoon, discover more about the facts and vulnerabilities you face as your business moves from startup to scale-up phase by the founder of the wonderful company VIE People, Wendy van Ierschot. The afternoon program is also packed with tips from industry leaders and investors, there is a challenging Pitch Competition, plus engaging keynotes ("The lessons I learned from my Sillicon Valley years" by Alain le Loux, partner Cottonwood). And - it is, after all, a Festival - the afternoon program ends with 'Networking Drinks'.

The most important result of the festival: you will walk home with good tips and tricks that you can use tomorrow and you will also have gained valuable encounters.

The six workshops!

They have titles where even at number 1 you think: I can't miss this workshop for anything. And neither are the other five. All of them are interactive sessions with valuable lessons learned about the bumpy road that the period from startup to scale-up can be. An exciting road, with fantastic prospects, but also with hickups here and there. We like to be open about the positive facts as well as the (unexpected) vulnerabilities along the way. That's helpful.

A few examples. Need (a lot of) money soon to grow or to get started at all? Follow the workshop "Making fundraising a no-brainer. By Alain le Loux. If anyone has reviewed many business plans worldwide, it's him. Today he'll tell you about the building blocks of a successful pitch deck. Count on tasty anecdotes about failures, too.

Again, what is 'steward-ownership' and how can you leverage it as a startup or scale-up?
How do you measure your 'impact'? And why is it so beneficial to be 'impact-driven'? Do you have an impact on it yourself? What can you start with? There is an interesting workshop on this as well.

The festival is also offering a workshop on, you probably know it, startups' expensive rookie mistakes: 'How not to get screwed by investors when signing a term sheet?' Or as the saying in Sillicon Valley goes, 'You pick the valuation, we pick the deal terms.' Is this still higher math for you? Never mind. Thomas Mensink (of Golden Egg Check) explains in great detail how to draw up dealterms, so that you are well prepared for investors.
Another good question that can save you a lot of trouble, or put you as a dreamer with both feet on the ground just in time: 'Let's find out if you are Investor Ready'. This workshop will be led by Gilles Meijer of Golden Egg Check.

Are you ready?

Then we'll see you on September 14 at The Social Hub, Groningen. On the Boterdiep, a few minutes' walk from the Grote Markt.

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