Meet the water technology sector

The European Water Tech Week is undoubtedly already on the agenda of everyone whose business or processes have anything to do with water. Those who have no plans to attend, but are curious about what is happening in the field of water technology in the North of the Netherlands, can join one of the Water Tech Tours on Thursday, September 27.

"A tour of the field is definitely worthwhile for entrepreneurs or policy makers who want to get further acquainted with the water technology sector," says NOM business development manager Alex Berhitu. "The Water Tech Tours are a unique opportunity to see and experience what we have to offer here in the Northern Netherlands in that area. Four great programs have been put together around the themes of Water & Health, Resource recovery, Water & Energy and Water & Agro/Food, so that interested parties can get a targeted impression of the sector."

Innovation Opportunities

Those looking to discover broad innovation opportunities or make smart matches previously referred Berhitu to Wednesday, Sept. 26, the day dedicated to B2B (see link at the bottom of this article). "For those who can invest more time, both days are a great combination," the business development manager expects. "Innovation comes from unexpected corners, but then sometimes you have to seek out those corners yourself.

The European Water Tech Week (EWTW) is then the moment, as representatives of global water hubs come to Leeuwarden in September to exchange on water technology."

Multidisciplinary interplay

On the agenda are topics such as water pollution, water scarcity and water & health, based on the central question of how we arrive at solutions to all kinds of water-related issues through multidisciplinary cooperation. The visions from science, business and politics will be shared, both through key note speakers from around the world and in interactive sessions where there is room for depth. "In this way, we can connect global techniques and views in Leeuwarden and, as the Northern Netherlands, use them to boost our capacity for innovation," says Berhitu, who in turn establishes lines of communication within our region between the water sector and other activities.

Read more about the innovation opportunities the EWTW offers for the Northern Netherlands here, and for the program and application, visit