Everyone is sustainably employable

Everyone is sustainably employable

Employees in the Netherlands deserve to take charge of their careers. TwinQels was founded with this in mind. A platform for sustainable employability, where all 8 million workers in the Netherlands can go to work on their personal development in a pleasant way.

Co-founder Arjan Pruim: "Most people only worry about their personal development when they have to or want to quit their current job. That is actually only 5% of the group that should actually be moving. The goal of TwinQels is to give that entire group control over their careers. We want to let them discover what they are good at, what makes them happy and what the value of those things is in today's market."

With the interactive career platform, TwinQels aims to ensure that every working Dutch person has the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on their own career. In a number of different modules, employees look at their personal development and reflect on their careers

The challenge

To establish such a platform properly, you need money. It involved amounts that the founders could not cough up themselves, so they went looking for investors.

"Through our network, we first came to NOM. We came there with the idea that we were almost ready for investors, but that soon turned out to be an illusion. Thanks to NOM, TwinQels is now a lot more mature. When I look back on the whole process we went through together, I only see what we were missing."

The solution

At NOM we make sure you become investor ready. For example, by helping you write a business plan. Indispensable if you want investors.

"The first thing they said to us at NOM, after we told them what we wanted to do: everything is fine and dandy, but where is your business plan? They pushed us hard on that. We were also constantly challenged: have you thought about this? And this? Have you checked this and that, put this and that on paper? Sometimes to the point of frustration, but apparently it was necessary to achieve the desired result."

Just as TwinQels wants to put workers in charge of their careers, NOM has let the founders take charge of their company. By establishing a solid foundation, they are now ready for investors.

"NOM helped make TwinQels mature. The idea was already good, but many things around it could be better. That's why, among other things, we changed the positioning and set up a B.V. and holding company. NOM creates a perfect link between theory and practice when it comes to investments."

The result

Fortunately, the joint efforts were not without results. The first investors have signed a letter of intent, and through the network, the first informal investors are now coming to the table.

"We are very happy that NOM helped us, because we find that it is now a lot easier to get investors to the table. Not least because NOM also gives us access to their extensive network. In addition, thanks in part to NOM's support, we have now received a grant from SNN."

Other good news is that TwinQels may now welcome its first clients to the platform: "The pilot is almost running so we can further optimize our platform. After that, it's time for a big marketing offensive!"

Many start-up companies looking for investors quickly count themselves rich. Every entrepreneur is excited about his idea and expects to go a long way with it. Practice proves more recalcitrant.

And it is precisely with that practice that we at NOM help you move forward. With our extensive experience, we know exactly what needs to be done to become investor ready. Want to know more about it? Then read our white paper!

Do you need funding to make your innovative plans a reality? Get in touch with Leonie Ebbes.

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Become investor ready?

In this white paper:

  • What challenges do you face and how do you deal with them?
  • Becoming investor ready in four steps!
  • An overview of all funding options

    Please note that this whitepaper is only available in Dutch at the moment. We are in the process of translating this whitepaper.
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