Offshore Wind

The Northern Netherlands is well suited for offshore wind activities, because of:

  • Its central location in relation to the offshore wind farm sites in the North Sea (2500 turbines in a radius of 70 nautical miles)
  • Presence of port facilities specifically aimed at the offshore wind  industry (cranes, vessels, quay facilities, heliport, open sea connection)
  • Presence of a growing network of offshore wind related companies, called Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind (NNOW)
  • Full support of regional public authorities (including test sites)
  • Presence of specific education and training facilities for the offshore wind industry
Offshore wind (NOM stock)

Examples of Offshore wind-related companies in the Northern Netherlands
Logistics: JR-Shipping, Koninklijke Wagenborg, Wijne Barends, PCU Innovative enterprise: R.R. Maritime Engineering, Geo Plus, Promorfo, Callidus Group Knowledge institutions University of Groningen, Noorderpoort, Northern University of Leeuwarden, Alfa College, Maritime Campus Netherlands MCN, TNO, ECN.

The network is open to any company in the region that is or would like to be active in offshore wind. Besides networking, knowledge exchange and the joint implementation of promotion and acquisition activities, the cluster also pays ample attention to R&D and business development and to training adequately qualified personnel. NNOW will enter into alliances with other parties to accelerate the development. At the moment, approximately 40 companies are involved with NNOW, which has created a powerful impulse for more activity in relation to offshore wind in the Northern Netherlands.

Factsheet: Towards a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system in the Netherlands


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