The Northern Netherlands

  • The Northern Netherlands comprises the three northern provinces of Groningen, Drenthe en Friesland.
  • In the globalized world of today the Northern Netherlands is situated right in the center of the North Western European economy.
  • Over 200 international companies are already established in the Northern Netherlands
  • Over 45 business and industrial locations
  • With one-tenth of the population of the Netherlands covering over one-fifth of the country’s territory, the Northern Netherlands is the least congested area of the country.
  • Traffic jams are rare and there is ample space to work, live and recreate.
  • Strong sectors are Energy, Water, AgriFood, Chemical, Life Sciences and Data Centers

General Statistics

Area: 11,389 km2 (27,8% of the Netherlands)
Population: 1,718,000
Working population: 692,000 Companies established: 101,300

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Netherlands in top 10 in the world for Cooperation in Labor-employer relations – Global Competitiveness Index 2015 – 2016