Fiscal Climate

  • Relatively low corporate income tax rate of 25% (20% for first 200,000 Euro). Well below the  EU national average
  • Possibility of obtaining advance tax rulings from the Dutch tax authorities giving certainty on  future tax position
  • Broad tax treaty network, reducing withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties  (for interest and royalties, in some cases, taxes are reduced to 0 %).
  • No withholding of taxes on outgoing interest and royalty payments
  • Participation exemption, which states that all benefits related  to a qualifying shareholding,  including cash dividends, dividends-in-kind, bonus shares, hidden profit distributions and  capital gains, are exempt from Dutch corporate income tax.
  • Innovation box resulting in an effective corporate tax rate of 5% for qualifying profits.
  • 30 percent ruling, a tax-free reimbursement of 30 percent of the employee’s salary, provided  that the employee has been recruited or assigned from abroad  and has specific expertise  scarce in the Dutch labor market.

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'The NOM gave us valuable assistance in choosing a location in an unfamiliar region. The NOM also arranged the much-needed contacts with the relevant organizations. This resulted in the takeover of Winpac going smoothly and without any difficulty'