Lofar to be extended to Ireland

Lofar to be extended to IrelandAstronomy institute Astron in Dwingeloo is extending the Lofar antenna to Ireland. Building a new station will make it possible to gain an even more detailed image of the star system. The plans had already been in place for some time, but the green light has now been given. The station will be built this year on the grounds of Birr Castle.

The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is investing 1.4 million euros in the I-LOFAR. A sum of approximately half a million euros in subsidies and contributions is also being invested in the station. This is good news for Lofar, since it will now be possible to view even more details in the star system.

Lofar currently has fifty antennas, 38 in the Netherlands, six in Germany, three in Poland and individual antennas in France, England, Sweden and later in Ireland. The more antennas there are, the better the system works.

Source: RTV Noord

Source photo: WikiMedia