European mayors arriving in Leeuwarden for water conference

European mayors arriving in Leeuwarden for water conferenceLeeuwarden, capital of water technology, is preparing itself for the arrival of a large group of mayors from all over Europe. Leeuwarden will be hosting yet another important international water conference that is being organized by the European Commission in partnership with Wetsus and the Municipality of Leeuwarden. This conference is related to the major EIP Water Conference on 10 February 2016.

Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, has invited 100 mayors from the European Union to pay a visit to Leeuwarden. The purpose of the conference is to continue to work on the cities’ ambition to meet the challenges presented by water. Virtually all European cities are contending with water problems, such as shortages, problems with the quality, flooding, outdated infrastructure or poor swimming water quality. This challenge is also becoming tougher owing to poorly degradable substances (such as medicine residues and pesticides) in the water, climate change and a lack of investment in the water treatment systems and pipelines.

Mayor Ferd Crone welcomes the opportunity to host both conferences. “The EIP Water Conference is being held in Leeuwarden, and will be attended by all of Europe’s senior water management executives”, he says. “The European Commission has asked Leeuwarden to follow this up with a conference for European mayors in order to discuss the importance of water. We will be doing this with the greatest pleasure and are proud of the prominent position occupied by Leeuwarden in the European innovation landscape as Capital of Water Technology.”

That is a good enough reason for cities to join forces and work together on guaranteeing sufficient water of the right quality for households, companies, city parks, canals, swimming water and agriculture.

This mayors’ conference is intended to raise the theme of water to a higher position on the European agenda and obtain commitments from a number of European cities that are willing to play a pioneering role in taking measures and learning from each other’s solutions and errors.

Source: Wetsus