Dairy Highlights

Become part of the world’s most successful dairy chain

Holland leads the world in producing quality milk. Uncompromising standards throughout our entire production chain, achieved through uniquely holistic cooperation, result in a product that’s globally recognized for its excellence and reliability. International demand for Dutch milk is therefore very high, which means there are an abundance of opportunities for businesses within our dairy eco system.

Optimal quality and efficiency

  • Smart Farming accelerates improvement
  • High quality pasture supports high cow density
  • High lifetime yield of nutrient-rich milk
  • Complete production chain monitoring maintains quality

Supportive infrastructure

  • Research, innovation and education in Dairy Valley
  • Thriving business environment

It’s no wonder that many of the world’s leading names in milk production and milk-based products have already established operations here in Holland!


Local support for your business
Businesses interested in becoming involved in the dairy industry in the Northern Netherlands region, which is home to the Dairy Valley and Holland’s largest concentration of dairy farming activity, can receive guidance and support from NOM.

As the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands, NOM works closely with Invest in Holland and the Dutch government to maximize opportunities in the region’s economy, for both domestic and foreign entities.

NOM’s Foreign Direct Investment division provides free, confidential support through  

  • Helping you explore your (EU) market potential and R&D opportunities
  • Connecting your business with potential partners
  • Providing assistance for setting up your business model and financing
  • Providing information and advice on setting-up business in the Netherlands

To find out more about how NOM can assist your establishment in the Dutch dairy chain, please contact Joep de Vries on email jdevries@nom.nl or telephone +31 (0) 6 25 39 26 71.

Dairy Highlights