Lilian Hoiting

Lilian Hoiting

Secretary / HR assistant i.o.

Moved to the big city as a village girl

Born and raised in the province of Groningen and moved to the big city as a village girl. On a recreational and competition level, horses have been everything to me for about 10 years. This is where I preferred to be every day and all day. Once living in Groningen this sport was exchanged for dancing and studying. Meanwhile, dancing has been exchanged for horseback riding and I enjoy it immensely!

After training as a beautician, I chose to switch. It became the business services sector. As a result, I was trained in secretarial services and after this study I had the opportunity to work in various sectors. This has ensured that I know what skills are needed in the secretarial field and how to make the work my own in both a large and small organization and since the beginning of 2018 at NOM!

Why do I like the work so much?

As a secretary you are the source of questions, you need to know everything in order to best help and/or support your colleagues. This gives you a broad knowledge and an important role. Both at work and in my private life, I enjoy taking on organizational tasks. So I often hear the word "rule-bitch. This characteristic relates to the work and as a supporting factor you are the one who contributes a big stone in the organization.

And because of course you never stop learning, I like to add extra knowledge in the field of Human Resources and combine secretarial with HR assistance! At NOM you are working in/for and with a nice club of colleagues!