Joep de Vries

NOM keeps challenging me to get out of my comfort zone!

This time with the question: profile picture depicting something that belongs to you accompanied by an explanation! Well and then .....

My first inspiration was the word connect. In fact, this is the core of my role at NOM, connecting people and organizations. This is often more than the simple exchange of information because I only connect on the basis of the strategy of both organizations. Part of it is also questioning and mirroring so that eventually the right lines can be laid.

Connecting for me is also a passion that is reflected in one of my hobbies: sailing. Not only the Friesian inland waters, but also the IJsselmeer and above all the Wadden Sea with its beautiful nature and 'silence', are beautiful to set sail on. It becomes even more fun when I can teach others about sailing in the process.

Of course, at the last moment it occurs to you that the "connecting" has to be turned into something concrete, not later but now: improvise! Not the best materials at my disposal at home, is that possible? Quality of the material is important, first the connection because often it determines the strength!

My photo thus gives an idea of what competencies I have. If it appeals to you I am happy to connect with you as a person and as a Nommer!

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