Invitation Northern Netherlands deserves to be circular

Northern Netherlands Deserves Circular

In the program Northern Netherlands deserves Circular, a broad start-up coalition of 20 northern and national parties will work together to be able to help northern SMEs become circular. Wonderful and successful initiatives already exist. But the Northern Netherlands suffers from a still too fragmented network of separate actors and autonomous support programs. The parties involved in the project
parties will ensure better coordination of their activities and roll them out across all three provinces. Through this strengthened ecosystem, they will help SMEs make their operations, products and services circular.

Parties involved

The partners of "Northern Netherlands Deserves Circular":
Association Circular Friesland | GroBusiness | Ynbusiness | I Am Drenthe Entrepreneur | Biocooperative Northern Netherlands | MadeCircularBy... | NHL Stenden Hogeschool | Noordelijk Innovatielab Circulaire Economie (NICE) | Chemport Europe | NOM | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen | Hanzehogeschool Groningen | TCNN | VNO-NCW Noord

Supporting partners:
Rabobank | Versnellingshuis | CIRCO | KIA CE | VNO NCW Midden | Municipality of Leeuwarden | Municipality of Groningen | Municipality of Emmen | Municipality of Assen

Calling all readers: sign up!

Alex Berhitu, NOM ecosystem developer, can imagine that readers also want to contribute. 'There are bound to be many readers who think: hey but we also support entrepreneurs in this transition and also belong in that ecosystem. They can report to me. We will then determine together where and how we can strengthen your activities in the ecosystem. There will also be entrepreneurs who want to make their products and services circular. They too can report to me. If you still need to develop your plans, we will refer you to the right organization that can help you with that. If you have concrete ambitions and need help realizing your plans, we will sit down together and determine how we can support you. This can be in the form of contacts to finding funding. And the rest of the readers? You too have a role to play. In the circular economy, sustainable production and sustainable consumption go hand in hand. Think carefully about the sustainability of your next purchase. Let's all work together for a circular society.'

The collaboration in the North Netherlands Earns Circular program is made possible in part with financial support from the three northern provinces, North Netherlands Cooperation Association and the European Union.

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Invitation Northern Netherlands deserves to be circular

Invitation Northern Netherlands Deserves Circular

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Working together to accelerate: Northern Netherlands deserves Circular