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NOM is the Regional Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands region. Our name is an acronym for Noord-Nederland Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij, which simply means “Northern Netherlands Development Agency”. Our goal, as with all RDAs around the world, is to improve our region’s economic structure by supporting its businesses in their productivity, innovation and growth.

We do this by investing in promising companies, sharing our knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs and by making our large network available to anyone who might benefit from this.

Alongside businesses who started out locally or came here from other parts of the country, Foreign Direct Investment plays a very important role in our region’s economy. We therefore devote a lot of attention to helping international companies establish themselves in the Northern Netherlands. Our service includes providing relevant information, assisting with administration and doing all we can to help you and your employees get settled and thrive in this wonderful part of the world.


NOM offers four services, each dedicated to assisting business through provision of different specialist services.

  • Finance – to help you get your business started quickly or to develop it further.
  • Business Development – we help good ideas quickly succeed by bringing entrepreneurs together in our Business Development projects.
  • FDI – Setting up in the Northern Netherlands – we help companies from home and abroad to get set up in our beautiful and advantageous part of the country.
  • Flinc: Becoming investor ready – we help you make your plans investor-ready so you have the best possible chance of getting the financing you need.
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