Monthly Archives: March 2013

Financing of wind park Gemini is in place: construction can start in 2014

A start can be made with the construction of the Gemini wind park in 2014. The plan is to build 150 wind turbines at a distance of 55 kilometers to the north of Schiermonnikoog, together generating 700 megawatts of current: enough for almost 800,000 households. Property developer Typhoon Offshore yesterday announced at a symposium in Eemshaven that the investment of 2.4 million euros needed for the project is in place. That was reported on the front page of yesterday’s Dagblad van het Noorden. The building of the wind park will provide three years’ work for around 500 people, and after that the park maintenance will account for 100 to 125 jobs at Eemshaven.

Groningen Seaports to be privatized

The Province of Groningen is set to privatize Groningen Seaports. This is necessary to reduce the risk faced by the participating public authorities. The public authorities have unlimited liability for Seaports, which has invested many millions of euros in recent years.

Groningen cow parsley as basis for cancer medication

Groningen University and Hanze University of Applied Sciences have teamed up with a number of companies and institutions in the Eems Dollard Region (EDR) to set up the PhytoSana project with the aim of extracting podophyllotoxin, the promising base product for cancer medication. Podophyllotoxin is found in the roots of cow parsley and appears to be a promising anti-cancer agent.

Leeuwarden based canning factory switches from paint and chemicals to foods

The Ardagh canning factory is changing course radically, according to the Leeuwarder Courant newspaper. While the company currently serves the paint and chemicals industry, it is to concentrate fully on the food sector in the future. Tens of millions of Euros will be invested in conversion of the production location to prepare it for food producer Nestlé, which will be the principle client.

Sensor City holds major traffic pilot in Assen

An experiment in which participants receive personal travel advice based on the latest information via their app or a unit will be getting underway in Assen this week. This will make it possible for motorists to easily avoid traffic queues or roadworks.