Monthly Archives: February 2013

Groningen dog snack captures American market

The Veendam-based company Paragon Products is attracting global attention with its vegetarian and entirely natural dog chew that it makes with potato starch. The lightning-fast growth in the popularity of the Groningen ‘veggie dog chews’ in the United States has enabled Paragon to double its turnover in the past four years. Over a quarter of the cheery dog snacks that roll off the conveyor belt in Veendam are shipped to America.

Eemshaven as center for the offshore wind industry

At Eemshaven full account is being taken of the opportunities the offshore wind industry could present for the region. The optimum location of Eemshaven in relation to existing and planned wind farms in the North Sea is making it possible for the Groningen Seaport to develop into a center for the offshore wind industry in Northwest Europe. Take the Orange Blue Terminal, for example: a large storage and transshipment terminal for the maintenance and building of the offshore wind farms.

Thousands of Dutch ‘pinheads’ increase Canadian oil production

During the next five years experiments with Dutch sensor technology will be conducted in Canada with the aim of increasing the production of the country’s heavy oil reservoirs by 5 to 15%. The micro-sensors designed by the research centre Incas 3 in Assen will in due course be helping Canada to generate extra oil income of USD 200 billion. That is the estimate of the Canadian partner of Incas 3 which has set up a consortium to continue testing the Dutch sensor technology together with the Drenthe-based company and two Canadian and two Dutch universities.