Monthly Archives: January 2013

Premier Rutte impressed by Groningen as city of knowledge and innovation

Groningen is well on its way to achieving its ambition to become the city of knowledge and innovation of the Netherlands. Those were the words of premier Mark Rutte during his working visit to Groningen on Wednesday. The premier said that he was impressed by how knowledge institutions work together and with the business community in Groningen.

Groningen’s Crowdynews conquers the world with innovative Twitter feed

The Groningen-based company Crowdynews is in the midst of a global breakthrough. The scroll menu developed by the company for websites in which tweets related to the accompanying news article are displayed is already found on the sites of 250 American newspapers, including the Washington Times and Chicago Herald and the Russian newspaper Gazeta.

GasTerra extracts biogas from ditch waste

GasTerra will be conducting a trial with the extraction of biogas from organic ditch waste. The trading company believes that 85 million cubic meters of biogas can be extracted from 1.7 million tons of green waste from ditches. That is enough to supply gas to 50,000 households. The trial is being carried out in a collaborative effort with Energy Academy Groningen.

TCN to cultivate algae for its own energy needs

Data hotel TCN in Groningen is planning to cultivate algae that will be used to generate its own energy. It will be using the building’s remnant heat for this purpose. They are holding a one-year trial in association with Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.

Government to make concessions to energy-intensive companies

Companies that use exceptional amounts of energy, such as aluminum producer Aldel in Delfzijl, can count on the help of Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs, reports RTV Noord. The minister announced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday that he is moving towards a system similar to that in Germany, where energy-intensive companies pay only half of the energy transport costs.

Variass Systems pulls in mega-order from the German army

Established in Veendam, Variass Systems will be producing the electronic operating system for 350 new German armored caterpillar vehicles. This order, which represents millions of euros and about seven years’ work for Variass’s hundred employees, may also yield new jobs in the future.

Life Lines expands to Germany

Groningen has gained a new export product: Life Lines. The large-scale project that has already been running for years and closely monitors the health of people in Groningen is getting a branch of sorts in Papenburg, Germany. That was reported by the Dagblad van het Noorden.

Groningen Seaports: the glass is more than half full

Is Groningen Seaports working on a good news show? Or is the glass not half full but half empty? Reporter Bouke Nielsen put these questions to himself and the readers in an article in the Dagblad van het Noorden on Friday January 11 2013. In this article he reports on a New Year meeting at which managing director Harm Post presents one achievement after another in 2012. Nielsen takes a critical look at the facts, but ultimately concludes that the situation faced by Groningen Seaports is indeed by no means bad and that ‘the glass is more than half full’.

Successful year for Groningen Airport Eelde

2012 was a successful year. As a result of the new scheduled flights, the number of passenger movements increased by 40% from 145,850 in 2011 to 208,660 in 2012. The number of flights totaled 46,400, 12% fewer than in 2011, owing to a decrease in the flying lesson traffic.