Monthly Archives: November 2012

DMC system wins water innovation award

On Wednesday evening the 28th of November, winners in four categories received the Water Innovation Award 2012 in Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. IJkdijk participant VolkerWessels Telecom/Landustrie won the award in the Business category with their DMC system.

Major order for ingenious Frisian water technology

Recently, a European world player placed a major order with ECM Technologies in Leeuwarden for the construction of a refined metal-working machine. This was announced by Hans Konst, member of the Friesian Provincial Executive. Westra BV Roestvaststaatindustrie in Elahuizen will build the machine that is based on an electrochemical process.

The Prince of Wales open’s UK’s first commercial anaerobic digester and biomethane-to-grid in Poundbury Dorset

This week The Prince of Wales opened the country's first full-scale Anaerobic Digester and Biomethane-to-Grid Plant which will provide renewable gas direct to the local community in Poundbury. At maximum capacity the plant will provide enough renewable gas for 56,000 new-build homes in the summer and 4,000 in the winter and is the first plant in the UK to inject renewable gas directly into the local distribution network on a full-scale basis.

Maxima opens Paques branch in Brazil

On Wednesday afternoon Princess Maxima opened a production plant of Balk-based Paques in Piracicaba, Brazil. The opening was attended by Minister Ploumen, founder Jos Paques and managing director Rob Heim. The Frisian producer of biological treatment methods will be using the plant to manufacture secret products. The plant will provide jobs for eighteen people.

Economic region Delfzijl-Eemshaven grows despite crisis

Regions that have achieved economic growth this year are few and far between in the Netherlands. This is clear from research carried out by the Economic Bureau of ING Bank. Only two regions succeeded in beating the recession in 2012, and one of them was the Delfzijl-Eemshaven region.

Mini power plants at Groningen-based energy laboratory EnTranCe

This week nine BlueGen fuel cells were installed at EnTranCe in Groningen, a division of the recently established Energy Academy Europe. These mini power stations, the size of a washing machine, run on natural gas and produce hydrogen for electricity production. The high conversion efficiency of 90 per cent (60 per cent electricity and 30 per cent heat) makes this a very sustainable concept. The fuel cells are being installed and maintained by Eneco.

Olympus enters into joint venture with MCL and LIMIS

Olympus Medical Systems Europa (Olympus) in Hamburg will be working in close partnership with Leeuwarden Medical Center (Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, MCL) and Leeuwarden Institute for Minimal Invasive Surgery (LIMIS) on the development of innovations for the operating room of the future.

Magnesium Health Institute sees great prospects for Groningen magnesium salt

Because of its curative effect on the human body magnesium chloride, also known as magnesium salt, is sometimes referred to as a miracle mineral or the spark of life. The mineral is found in large quantities in the soil of East Groningen, which led to the Magnesium Health Institute being set up here some years ago. This institute is conducting scientific research into the effects of magnesium salt on the human body in association with Groningen University, University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and the Ludwig Maximillianus University in Munich.

Goods trains henceforth electric from Coevorden to Rotterdam

According to a report in the Dagblad van het Noorden, from today onwards goods trains will be able to continue completely electrically from the Euroterminal in Coevorden to the ports of Rotterdam. The operator of the Bentheimer Eisenbahn (BE) previously sent the containers by electric train to Coevorden, where the shuttle was taken over by diesel locomotives of Rotterdam Rail Transfer. Now that a new 600 meter electric overhead line has been put in place, BE will be able to continue all the way to Rotterdam.