Monthly Archives: August 2012

Railway line extended to Eemshaven

The national government will be providing an extra subsidy to ensure that passengers are able to take the train to Eemshaven in order to take the ferry to Borkum, for example. Minister Schultz van Haegen announced this on Monday during a visit to the province.

Steam pipe at industrial site Delfzijl to be extended

At the end of August 2012 Groningen Seaports will be making a start with the extension of the public steam pipe network located at the Oosterhorn industrial site in Delfzijl. The extension is related to the arrival of the company Ensartech (ENergy Smelting And Recycling TECHnology), which is being connected to the existing steam pipe network. This extension involves an investment of 1.5 million euros.

Tonalite taken over by Plantronics

The company Tonalite in Emmen, formally a division of Ericsson and later Sony-Ericsson, has been taken over by the American multinational Plantronics. Tonalite was incorporated in 2010 by a number of employees of what was formerly Sony-Ericsson in Emmen.

Centraalstaal successfully turns to other markets

Metal shaper Centraalstaal started out in the shipping industry, but is now focusing increasingly sharply on architecture and art. This is because the shipping industry operates in fits and starts, and the Groningen-based company was looking for more stability.

China expresses interest in Dutch invention for high pressure biomass digestion

A group of Chinese green energy experts has received detailed advice from the Friesian sustainable technology company Bareau on the high pressure biomass digestion system that the company has developed. Bareau's CEO, Kirsten Zagt, expects to sign a contract with Peking University in September for the delivery of a test system that directly converts sludge from waste water into high quality green gas.

Bionic from Winschoten going through the roof

A 4500 to 5000 % growth – it seems an impossible achievement in these economically difficult times. Yet the company Bionic Technology from Winschoten has managed this. Director Ton van de Klashorst is extremely busy with his Nano products. The company’s growth is going through the roof. And indeed: the company anticipates achieving the growth figures mentioned above by the end of this year.

More flights to and from Eelde

Last year, more planes took off and landed at Groningen Airport Eelde than two years ago. Other airports in the Netherlands also got busier. The number of flights has grown by 8% in 1 year.

Hanzehogeschool offers Master Degree in Renewable Energy

This coming academic year, students will be able to study for a degree course at Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Sciences in Groningen for the first time. The university will start a master degree course in Renewable Energy. The course’s graduates will be qualified engineers in renewable energy. Research has shown that there is a great demand for highly qualified, technical energy experts who are able to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy sources.